December 27, 2007

Sheep with no wool? Just say 'Bah'

Farmers in the United States are now herding "hair sheep"--a breed that grows hair and needs no shearing--rather than woolies, according to the Guardian Unlimited news today. Shearing sheep is just too much work, and we only want the sheep for their meat, anyway.

Sheep around the world, unite and go 'Bah'! A bas the lazies who eat the hairies! Basta!

December 8, 2007

Old letters

I'm lucky to have saved hundreds of letters sent to me over the years, before email decimated the practice. Recently, I went through some of those old letters to find fragments I still remembered. I wanted to paint those fragments and think about those people. In my opinion, the stuff from Si's scribblings is the most successful, but here are a few pictures based letters from: Lisa, a dear friend from Barnard College; Mary, my roommate there; and Lars, my estimable cousin from L.A.