June 18, 2010

Santorini, May 13: The famous profiles

Santorini, May 13

Santorini, May 13: Room at the top for strays

Santorini, May 13: Around the town

The donkeys will carry you up ... it takes about half an hour. The donks will not be hurried!

Santorini, May 13: It's nice to survive the funicular ride

Santorini, May 13: Views from the funicular ...

That thing that looks like a person, next to the tower at lower right? It's not a person; it's a tree.

Santorini, May 13: The funicular from its base

Santorini, May 13: Vew of the harbor

Santorini, May 13: Sailaway views

Santorini, May 13: Sailing views

Santorini, May 13: Terrfiying funicular? Or dawdling donkey? Trudging seems strangely unattractive as an option

We took the funicular up and down, although the donkeys were darling and smelly. The funicular was a whole lot faster, and it threatened to rain.

Asea, May 13: The Adriatic from Santorini to Venice

Venice, May 16

Venice, May 16

Venice, May 16: Ceiling cats have got yer crown

Venice, May 16: Watching the world float by

Venice, May 16: The joy of rust and decay

Venice, May 16

Venice, May 16: Real estate!

June 14, 2010

Venice, May 16: Around a square

Stained-glass windows, graffiti, Ceiling Cat and more, all in one square.