February 23, 2011

Early morning in the Dardanelles, May 9 2010

It was suggested that we get up early and look, as we passed through the Dardanelle Strait, a 38-mile link between the Aegean Sea and the Sea of Marmara. At first we were completely enveloped by mist; then lights from the ship created little illuminated caves in the mist. It was quite a disorienting sight at 6 a.m. When the mist cleared, we were silently cruising along. We barely rippled the Marmara, the whole way up to the Golden Horn. Magic.

The Dardanelles

The Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles

At dawn. The sea was like glass the whole way. Some dolphins played by the side of the boat. Everything was silent.

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The Dardanelles and Bosporus Strait on a silent dawn, May 9

The Bosporus Strait, May 9 2010 - early morning

Istanbul appears on the horizon

How wonderful is this, to arrive in Istanbul by ship?!

Sailing into Istanbul

Istanbul! Closer ... closer ....

Approaching Instanbul!

The little castle on the islet is called "Maiden's Tower."

Docked in Istanbul! May 9 2010

The view from the ship at Karakoy Maritime Station, and us, reflected in the ship's window.

The Blue Mosque and its friend across the square, the Haghia Sophia

The lovely Haghia

We never got inside. She was closed while we were there. We did see inside the Blue Mosque, though.

In the Haghia's front area, looking at the Blue Mosque

and seeing a wedding party go by.

Scene around the Haghia Sophia; solo diner at the Han

Istanbul, May 9 2010


Seen through a bus window in Istanbul

Istanbul, May 9 2010

In and around the train station and ferry stop on the south/old city side.

Mothers' Day in Turkey ...

On a beautiful Sunday. Everywhere we went, people had taken the family and their cookstoves out to picnic in the parks. Cars were parked wherever they could find room. It seemed as if the whole population of Istanbul was outdoors.

Istanbul, May 9 2010